Have You Been Good this Year?


XMAS Specs

The secret behind Santa's sleigh

  • Core Information

    Abbreviation: XMAS

    Algorithm: X11

    Blocktime: Two Minutes

    Difficulty Retarget: Each Block

    Min. Stake Age: 2 Hours

  • Block Rewards

    Proof of Work:

    Block 1: 500 000 XMAS (Crowdfund)

    Block 2: 50 000 XMAS (Bounties Fund)

    Block 3-999 : 0.0001 XMAS

    Block 1000-31000 : 25 XMAS

    Proof of Stake:

    Block 3-999 : 0.0001 XMAS

    Block 1000-29999 : 20 XMAS

    Block 30000-49999 : 10 XMAS

    Block 50000+ : 2.5 XMAS

    Next December (2018) : New Reward Fork

  • Wallet Features

    Christmas Theme

    Staking Statistics

    Staking Journal

    Block Splitter


responsive devices

XMAS Resources

Wallets - v1.0.0.0

Windows Wallet MAC Wallet Source

Blockchain Explorer

XMAS Official



Prepare for a massive airdrop on Boxing Day!

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This is not a 'serious' project. Please keep that in mind if you do decide to make an investment. This is a coin to raise the Christmas spirit in the cryptocurrency community, brought to you by BlockPioneers

A total of 500 000 XMAS will be divided between investors after the crowdfunding period. Balances are based on the total investment they have made. The crowdfunding period will close on the 9th of December 2017 23:59. Funds will be available for withdraw on the 10th of December 2017.

Blockpioneers wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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